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I’m not upset


I’m in the minority here but I’m not upset with how the season ended. Was it a boring episode, in my opinion? yes, a bit. But how did anyone expect anything other than what we got? It was quite obvious where they were going (especially in regards to CS), and it actually wasn’t as bad. Now, what I didn’t expect was Emma being the one to break up OQ, and what a way to do it.

Why people think this is the end of SQ I don’t understand. I would think Regina killing Graham out of jealousy would be the thing to keep SQ apart but apparently Emma saving someone who did not deserve to die is the nail in the SQ coffin? Snow caused Daniels death and they have made up and are family now. Ok, so Emma probably shouldn’t have brought Marian back but this is all done to create drama between Emma and Regina. The entire set up to S4 has officially been built around that scene and the introduction of Elsa. Do you understand? The biggest conflict set up for S4 (right off the bat) is SQ. How they handle this situation, how Regina will cope with losing her chance at happiness, and how Emma will feel about causing that sadness in Regina. How can you not see this? Does it mean we are heading for romantic SQ, probably not, but it does set up some angst that they will undoubtedly need to work through. It sets up conflict that does not revolve around Henry, for once. Their relationship is evolving, their reason to interact is evolving, and ironically it is based around Regina’s love life.

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